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Samba F1 B.I. Titanium pipe 




Our new side-pipe for the Hormann and Elcon cars are ready

Samba OR-S pipe set  Nr. 4625



Team Samba - Modelcargo celebrates as Marko wins and Cato finishes also on the podium in Groningen on the EFRA GP


Dario wins the Off-road Europen Championship with Samba 


Alex is Young European Champion using the brand new Samba Titanium off-road pipe 


Sinan and Marc with the brand new Titanium Race pipe for the MCD 

... and Marc wins the 4WD race in style 

More pictures will come in the photo gallery soon....


Martin Bayer defends his European Championship title in Valencia 

Congratulations ! 



Golden Sunday for Samba and the Modelcargo Team in Kirchberg 

EFRA GP Austria

Marko wins the Formula 1 race in style

( TQ and Pole position )


The Touring-car final was also dominated by Samba drivers

More pictures will come soon in the Gallery section




The titanium version of the  Samba Losi pipe is soon available



FG 4WD TC pipe is available



The new Samba pipe for the Losi 5ive-t is ready




Here is our carbon shield for off-road cars 


Our new pipe for the Elcon MMX will be soon available


Elfving Racing from Finnland wins the MCD 24 hours race in Bursa 

Team Hungary finishes on the 8th place in the 18 cars field

In the Gallery please enjoy pictures about the preparation for the race , short factory tour, race report and some pictures from Istanbul



Team Samba Modelcargo celebrates as Marko wins 2011 F 1 European Championship 




EFRA GP Lostallo

THE Team


Samba fills the podium in TC  and wins F1 category as well


To see more pictures click: here



World Champion 2011

Guillaume Solon 

Congratulations to Guillaume, his team and Dani from Contrast

We are very happy that our new pipe was very successful and very popular amoung the very best drivers of the World

All cars in the final drove with the new SAMBA 7 Ti pipe !

And much more cars used this or the steel version ( klick here )

Will be soon available 


more news to come here soon ......




The youngest Samba Modelcargo team driver - Marius Hetland - in his first season finished as third on the 2011 Norwegian Championship !  Cogratulations ! 


Martin Bayer wins the 2011 Euros in Leipzig with his RS5 car

Congratulations ! 



Team Samba Modelcargo celebrates as Marko wins the race in Groningen and gets very close to win the European Championship title  


Team picture EFRA GP Groningen 2011


Samba 7 successful again ! 

Martin Lissau wins and sets new track record in Groningen with the Samba 7 pipe





Samba Modelcargo Team finishes on the podium on the Italian EFRA GP

Cremona photoshooting


Marko had to give away his strong leading position during refuelling as technical problems caused a long stop in the pits

In the TC category Dario and the FG team dominated the race as pole man Jeffrey was hit by tyre problems in the beginning of the race


The winning car

The very fast pole man, Jeffrey

International presentation of the new Samba 7 pipe was a big success


Samba Modelcargo Team wins Croatian EFRA GP in Zagreb





Samba Modelcargo F1 Team wins Spanish EFRA GP in Valencia

Great debut for the new Samba 7 pipe by Jeffrey

More to come soon ...







We are starting to introduce our new pecision racing components we plan to start selling soon...


Samba 7 pipe




New carbon aero set for the Genius F1 car

High quality rear wing set, low weight carbon diffuser





2011 Touring car design

2011 Formula 1 car design

Introduction during the EFRA GP in Spain , in Valencia 25-27 March

Team drivers:Cato Hetland / Norway

Marko Grigic / Croatia

Modelcargo-Samba pipes - MC Tuning-RS5







Off-road EFRA GP in England 2010


EFRA GP England 2010

Kristiaan la Gasse wins and Nick Visser finishes second with the new Samba OR pipe.

Congratulations to the RN Tuning Team



Markus Feldmann wins the 2010 Euros in Slavkov

Feldmann 2010 Euros

Samba fills the podium in Slavkov

Podium 2010 Slavkov

RS5 dominates 2010 Formula 1 Euros in Slavkov

Slavkov podium

more to come soon ...


Ayrton Senna Memorial Race

Zagreb 2010


Zagreb 2010 result Samba

Image gallery will be uploaded soon ...


New version of the SambaJa pipe is in production


New high torque off-road pipe is available

Samba AWD pipe set Nr. 4160

Jeff HAMON wins the Australian National Championship 2009 in Melbourne

So Jeff is now Australian Champion 6 times - 5 year in a row

He made a new lap record, qualifications record and 30 minutes record. Very impressive, congratulations ! 

MCD Four Power Ultimate pipe is on stock 


Perfectly fits under the body, no cutting needed.

EFRA GP Lostallo 2009

Stegy wins the Formula 1 European Series

and Markus Feldmann wins the race

Lostallo Gallery is here

Samba 5 RMC Chrome Limited Edition pipes are available

EFRA GP Groningen

Feldmann wins with his touring-car and Jeffrey with the F1

Photo gallery comes soon...

Let's go Off-Road

EFRA GP in Fehring -Austria

EFRA GP in Slavkov 2009

Very nice new track in Bayerland and a short visit to Autodrom Brno to meet our favorite Formula Masters driver. See the gallery here

EFRA GP Zagreb - 2009

Great race , good weather , breathtaking Formula 1 final

The picture gallery will show the excitement in the F1 final. At the startModelcargo sponsored driver, Stegy pushed very hard pole man Dario and could pass him after a couple of minutes but another Croatian RS5 driver gave a very hard time to Stegy who lost the first place for a while but could get it back and after 25 minutes of really incredible battle he could stay ahead of the very fast Marko Grigic and won the race with 0,2 sec. Very clean and well controlled drive by both drivers. The best ever F1 final I have ever seen.

Jimmy could also make it to the podium and Cato, our Bologna race winner was unlucky and had to give up his very promising chances after breaking down in the semi.

In the TC final the only excitement was that unlucky pole position man, Dario had to give up his race after crashing into a spinning car. Jenny won, Weiser second and after a very strong drive Peter Miko finished on the well deserved third place. 

We could also see some very talented young drivers in a special category and probably we will see them soon among the ''big guys ''

EFRA GP Bologna - Pista Futura 2009 

Picture gallery is on however missing some more action as my camera became very wet, so I had to tune that with a hair-dryer during the weekend

Dominating the final, Cato wins in in style

Jeffrey finishes on the podium with his Carbon Royale

Samba wins both categories 

RS5-Samba wins 6 hour endurance race in Brisbane


Read the report here



Samba 5 RMC and Samba F1 RMC pipes are on stock in titanium version as well

( your inquiries by mail are welcome )


Winter test at Klepp RC

( more pictures and story comes soon )

Modeltek Cup in Fiorano 2008

Great race, beautiful weather, good racing spirit in Ferrariland

Dario wins last F 1 race and secures his title for 2008

More photos in the Gallery

Our new batch of the MCD Race runner pipes are available from stock

EFRA GP in Apeldoorn

RS5 F1 is European Champion this year again

Dario wins the final and takes the title

The TC final was won by Hessel

Jeffrey and Cormac could also bring their RS5 cars in the main final

Pictures are here

European Championships 2008 in Luxemburg

Markus Feldmann wins as Kiwi brings his RS5 into the main final


Max wins German Formula 1 Championship

EFRA GP Austria in Sollenau

Great win for Dario in F1 , Markus Gloor finishes second on his first international race with his new car

New CR 008 cars and upgrade kits are now available

Please send inquiry for more info

EFRA GP UK in Brookland

Feldmann proves to be unbeatable, only broke down in Dover with the camper. Jimmy and Cato on the podium ! Pictures are uploaded in the Gallery


RS5 and Samba wins in Portugal

RS5 and Samba dominates regional races in Spain

RS5 cars were fast last weekend as well ! 

Cato from pole wins Championship race

Jeffrey from pole ( dry) finishes second in the rain

A. Nuno on pole in Portugal, Alexandre finishes fourth

EFRA GP Luxemburg

Great final, beautiful weather, RS5 cars in the semifinals ...

Pictures will be soon uploaded to the gallery

EFRA GP Lostallo

Thomas and Dario in the TC final, Gabor finishes second in close race with his F1 car

New Samba F1 pipe is introduced

Pictures will be soon uploaded to the gallery

Great news for Sunday afternoon: 

Jeffrey wins the first round of the Dutch Championship in Rucphen today

RS5 factory website with all technical details and new developments is online

RS5 - Samba wins in Portugal ! read more here 

Great news from Sinsheim :

All RS5 cars qualified directly to the semi-final

Jeffrey could get into the main final and drove a very good race. From the 9th place he could quickly go up to the 4th just behind the super trio of Lissau, Feldmann and Prevot. After Lissau hit the fence and Prevot stopped Jeffrey found himself on the 2nd place behind Markus Feldmann who as usual drove a faultless race and won the final. Unfortunate Jeffrey who could not save any fuel during the race ran out of it in the last minute, his car stopped just 5 meters before the line so lost two laps and finally finished on the 4th place.

All RS5 drivers were very happy with the new
modifications on the car so these will get into production very soon.

Great news from Australia:

South Australian Championship 16.03.2008

RS5 fills the podium

1, Jeff Hamon

2, John Hamon

3. Michael Stravropolous

Also Trent Aquillina ( 5th ) and Les Robinson ( 8th ) drove the main final.

Jeff using some new tune up parts beat his old track record.

Congratulations !

RS5 is preparing for the season ...

The new Samba 5 RCM was officially introduced on the International Toy Fair in Nurnberg :

The pipe is also homologated by DMC, so can be used on German national races

We are glad to introduce the new version of our very successful Samba 5 pipe. Better performance and thanks to the removable cap system it is easier to clean

Samba 5 RMC Part Nr. 5130

Samba pipe for the Carlson Gas Devil car is ready

New batch of the Formula 1 ''G'' pipe is available

Jeff Hamon wins the Australian National Championship 

He was also TQ ! Five RS5 cars in the final !

Congratulations to the Trackside RS5 team !

Thomas Dworszky wins the Austrian National Championship with the Carbon Royale and Samba 5

World Championship 2007 - Brisbane / Australia

Martin Lissau driving an FG with our latest pipe on a JPF / IPS engine wins the 2007 World Championship in Brisbane


Clark finishes 8th in the main final with his RS5 !


Congratulations !





Enrique and RS5 F1 wins Championship in Spain !

... and Cato in Norway

... and the Super Cup Schweiz by Rolf followed by Patrick ( all RS5- Samba )

Thomas Dworszky wins Austrian Championship race with the Carbon Royale and Samba 5

Jeffrey wins the Dutch National Championship with the RS5 Carbon Royale 007

Gabor Cserkuti is 2007 European Champion Formula 1

Jimmy wins the F1 race, RS5 F1 fills the podium

Fantastic podium finish for Cormac with his CR 007


More pictures in the gallery

Markus Feldmann is European Champion in 2007

Martin Lissau finishes second , Martin Bayer third

Congratulations !


RS5 F1 already European Champion ! Jimmy wins in Lostallo, Touring car is also on the podium

Jeffrey wins second race in a row in Holland with the Carbon Royale 007

Great success for the RS5 F1 drivers in Kirchberg, Gabor wins in style

F1 wins in Spanish Championship race 

Peter Suter wins Swiss Championship race 

Jeff Hamon ( Trackside RC/RS5-Samba ) wins the FEMCA / AARCMCC Queensland Worlds Warmup Championship in Brisbane !

Gabor wins F1 EFRA GP in Zagreb ! 

Carbon Royale 007 wins first Dutch Championship race

Cato wins first F1 race in Norway

RS5 cars fill the Italian EFRA GP podium

Great news from France ! Jeremy wins the first race with the CR 007 

Enrique wins first round of the Spanish F1 Championship !

Pepe wins with the Carbon Royale 007 in Spain ! 

Cato is ready for the new season ...

RS5 hydraulic brake sysytem 3D drawings here

Cormac is very popular on the Motor Show in Birmingham ! 



Please visit and join our new forum
New Contrast Neo comes with the Samba 5 pipe
RS5 wins Brazilian Championship
Jeff Hamon wins the 2006 Australian Championship
Miklos Hejjas wins the 2006 Hungarian Championship with his RS5 pushrod car
Cato Hetland wins the F 1 Championship with RS5 in Norway
The Dutch GS Modelracing Team will join RS5 
Cormac and Nick Wyatt joins RS5
Jeffrey finishes second in the Dutch Championship 2006

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